Part Two -- Art Nouveau cafes, my parents and Petr Kulhanek



My parents
    To prevent a frenzy of uncontrolled cookouts at home (and spending most of the vacation in the family kitchen) I convinced my parents to eat out.
Obecni Dum
The Obecni Dum building houses
a concert hall, several restaurants
and grand ballrooms
Here they are having lunch in the cafe at the beatifully restored Art Nouveau Obecni Dum. This building is a jewel of French style Art Nouveau architecture.
Petr Kulhanek
Petr with my father and myself
    Another friend I have have not for several years my pal Petr from Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), home of the Becherovka and also a very upscale and stylish spa town in western Czech Republic. Lisa and I met Petr in 1993 in New Orleans when he was an exchange student in the United States. Before heading back to Europe he toured the U.S. on a Greyhound bus from from California to Washington, D.C. Lisa and I saw him several times afterwards in Prague during previous visits. Here is Petr sporting a stylish Czech Army haircut.
    Petr's family owns an online publishing house called Promenada.



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